Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Fashion - Pleated skirts

The skirt story last year was maxi in the spring and summer, and midi in the fall and winter. This year skirts are getting a heavy dose of pleating.  They look so prim and proper while at the same time a little whimsical. That type of juxtaposition is exactly what I’m looking for in a skirt. Long, Medium, or short the pleat looks fabulous in every length. Any color is fine, so choose one you feel will make a great basic. Unless you know what you are doing, stay away from printed pleat skirts, as they can be hard to execute and tend to look a little messy.
The pleated skirt has been my all time favourite style of skirt to wear. I've allways love the swing and sway the skirt makes when you walk and the fullness of the pleated skirt. Here are some examples of some truly lovely pleated skirts available now.  Im also going to post, to the blog, examples of pleated skirts I own that I love!

Andrea Nicole Baker

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