Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Frill - Why a Lolita Convention?

The excitement about FRILL, from all the Lolitas I chat with, both in person and online (and from everywhere in the US), is truly awe-inspiring and breathtaking.
We are all at various level of experience with the fashion that we love. We use social media to the utmost to learn from others. Whether it's sales, coords, makeup, wigs, accessories, fashions and so much more. We even go to the various anime conventions (of which there are so many) both large and small in order to meet other Lolitas and have a Lolita-type experience. Maybe a Fashion Show, a Panel on some Lolita topic, or even a Lolita Tea Party or meetup of some kind. But we're only an after thought at these cons.

So it's time for Lolita Convention BY Lolitas FOR Lolitas. Frill is about Lolitas, from all over the US (and potentially all over the world) being able to meet and network with other Lolitas of similar interests and styles. Sharing experiences. Learning from each other. Making new girlfriends. Being in a safe, enjoyable and entertaining environment. With lots of pleasurable thing to do like shopping, sharing, eating yummy food and just having the most fabulius time of our lives!

Our Mission:
"Affrilliation wishes  to provide an engaging and compelling convention for the American Lolita Community. It is our goal to foster communication and education of diverse lolita values and aesthetics to the community at large and to those just entering the lolita fashion. Further we wish to promote the culture and fashion of lolita in the United States."

It all starts on Saturday, June 9th with lots of events and activities. Register here!

Panels - The panel topics have been selected to have the broadest appeal to the Lolita community.
Some of the panels will be:

  • A Not-so-Mad Tea Party: Plunging Into Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa
  • Sewing for Lolita
  • Advanced Shopping
  • Care and Feeding of your Lolita Wardrobe
  • Coordinate Contest
  • Deco with Alice Doll
  • Wigs and Hair
  • Makeup for All

Cafe and Games - The place to hang out for lunch, to rest and relax, and to eat and drink in a social atmosphere. Savory and sweet snacky cafe type treats ranging from $3-5 will be available for purchase at the cafe. Also, games, raffles and special presentations will be happening all throughout the day.

Shopping - Boutique and Consignment Shop

Frill Boutique is a unique lolita shopping experience. See all of your favorite indiebrands in one place and try on your favorite pieces before deciding to buy.
The Frill Consignment Shop is the easy way to clean out your closet while also getting the chance to buy in person. Let us handle all the details of reselling your gently used lolita goods. For a reasonable fee we will do all the work for you.

Fashion Show - Saturday evening there will be an exciting and entertaining fashion show It will be showcasing various styles of lolita from our featured shops.

Saturday Evening Party - We will have music and performances throughout the evening. More to come.

Sunday Tea Party - A luncheon that will include sandwiches, various sweets, and a variety of hot teas. Wear your Frilliest cords for the strictly Lolita Tea!

Our Vision:
"A Lolita convention exclusively for Lolita fashion and culture that brings together diverse viewpoints and aesthetics. Frill convention will be an event where the American Lolita can engage in conversation, learning, shopping, and networking. We intend to showcase the work of major Japanese designers as well as Independent designers. We also wish to provide opportunities for Lolitas at every level to advance their own personal taste and style by participating in panels and events related to Lolita culture."


Andrea Nicole Baker
Frill Co-Chair

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