Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 21st meetup

A few pictures from a mini-meetup a week ago. Was lots of fun!
Love Andrea Nicole Baker

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PixiGlow Collection from Pixi Beauty

I just read about this adorable makeup collection. Its called Pixiglow from Pixi Beauty. The packaging is awesome. It has a Tinkerbell theme in collaboration with Disney. This is called the Fairy Face Kit. This set of five shadows, five lipcolors and a three-color highlighter is housed in a light green rubberized palette with an image of Tinkerbell on the front. The left and right halves of the palette (containing the shadows and glosses) slide apart to reveal the blush/highlighter in its own chamber underneath. The palette also comes with a full-sized mirror under the lid and three cosmetic applicators. Without knowing anything about the quality of the makeup all I can say is that this is the cutest packaging I have ever seen. Here are some reviews if you are interested.

Scrangie PixieGlow review.
Letzmakeup Review
Tutorial and Review
Facebook Sweepstakes
I'll let you know hiw I like this after I receive my Fairy Face Kit.
 Love Andrea Nicole Baker

Monday, April 23, 2012

WHBM - Blue

Love Andrea Nicole Baker

Better than False Lashes

What a better way to follow-up my post all about false lashes then to write about something completely different. There is a new lash system from Too Faced called Better Than False Lashes. It's a three-step lash extension system that includes an activating mascara base and top coat and Flexistretch™ nylon lash fibers. Here is how it works:
I'm very skeptical about all of this. But after reading this review I'm going to try it sometime soon! Too Faced Better Than False Lashes can be purchased at Sephora and soon at the Too Faced website and Ulta. Love Andrea Nicole Baker

Sunday, April 22, 2012

False Eyelashes

For a great evening look false eyelashes make such a major difference. The effect they give to the eyes is incredible. They frame the eyes and bring out their beauty. I love the feel of long, luxurious and full eye lashes. One of my favorite sites is the false eyelash site. You can find and purchase exactly what you are looking for her plus do comparison shipping. Also, check out the blog

It is quite easy to choose a category and find the exact lashes you are looking for. You just click on the category and the selections are available for purchase (See Below)

There is also an awesome comparison chart.
So I know that many of you girls have a hard time putting on false lashes. it just takes practice and doing it more frequently. Practice makes perfect. So here are some videos that might help. 

 Love Andrea Nicole Baker

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Frill - 49 days until a shopping extravaganza

We are now only 49 days until Frill and detailed plans are now coming all together. Lovely Lolitas will be attending from all over the Southeast (Georgia,Florida, Missouri, South and North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee plus many more). It's going to be an incredible opportunity to network, make new Loli friends, share experiences and interests. We are bringing together more than a dozen Indie designers at Frill for your shopping pleasure. I am sure this is the first time something like this has ever happened. What an incredible opportunity to find the fashions you adore, try them on and build a cute Lolita wardrobe (without having to pay shipping costs!). Here are just some of the indie Designers who will be at the Frill boutique:

Click here to read more about all of these fabulous designers.  Registration Page.

Don't Miss Frill! Love, Andrea Nicole Baker

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Best Red Lipsticks

I adore wearing red lipstick when I want to make a fashion statement. Whether it's going to a special event, to the theatre or for any evening out. My current favorite is YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick in RED. This is the best textured lipstick I have ever worn. It is so creamy and goes on so smoothly. I'm wearing this lipstick in the photo. Check out the R29 Red Lipstick Hall Of Fame. There is a slideshow that comprise the definitive list of red lip all-stars. There are 13 lipsticks on the list.

The list from 1-13

  1. MAC Ruby Woo
  2. Revlon Fire & Ice
  3. Stila Cherry Crush
  4. NARS Heat Wave
  5. CoverGirl Stunner
  6. Giorgio Armani Rouge D'Armani
  7. Dior Addict New Look
  8. Lipstick Queen Red Sinner
  9. Sephora Strawberry Kissed
  10. Julie Hewett Film Noir
  11. Ellis Faas Ellis Red
  12. Chanel Gabrielle
  13. L'Oréal Ravishing Red

Andrea Nicole Baker

Some recent Lolita Blogs I have enjoyed

Wonderfkuff : This is the blog of my girlfriend, Brittany. She is one of the most experienced and knowledgable in the Lolita Lifestyle.

La Vida Lolita:
Gabby posts lots of lovely crafts and lifestyle Lolita ideas. The blog is cute and entertaining. She also has a link to her Etsy shop.

Sparkling Rainbows in the night sky. Another cute and very sweet Lolita blog. Lot of photos. Hopefully she will start to post more often.

SUIPRINCESS Alina lives in Cologne, Germany. She loves the Lolita and Himegyaru style. Lots of really adorable photos of her cords and her friends. I love her photos from her trip to Japan.

Princess Parody: April lives in Australia and has been in love with Lolita fashion for 5 years now. I enjoy that she writes and her Lolita Lifestyle, her latest fashion loves and how she brings Lolita into her life.

ETSY SHOPS FOR LOLITA CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES: This is the most complete list I have been able to find online.

TaoBao Shops List - The best list online!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pinup Photos