Monday, April 2, 2012

Atlanta Lolitas Meetup at Piedmont Park and Botanical Gardens

Another fabulous meetup with a lovely and amazing group of women. The photos speak for themselves but I've added some commentary.

Here we are having a picnic lunch in the Gazebo at Piedmont Park. Lolis love to eat! Everyone brings a dish to share. As always we bring about three times as much food as we can eat. There were about 25 of us at Piedmont Park. One of the interesting things that happen is that people walk right by us on the sidewalk entrance to the gazebo. Looking up from eating one notices folks taking photos of us as if we were in a Zoo. LOL. It's really sort of fun. The questions tend to be of the same nature. "Are you in a play?" "Do you dress like this normally" "Are you Disney Princesses?" It's all in good fun but sometimes it does get annoying. everyone wants to take our photos. I like that. Stop, Smile, Pose.

Group Photos are a must. They immediately go on Facebook once we get home from a meetup. Always nice to share. The girls who could not make the meetup see what a wonderful time we had.

Lastly, some photos of me with some sweet girlfriends!

Andrea Nicole Baker

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novaau said...

Nice pics!! I wish Florida has nice Lolita meetup like you guys :)