Sunday, April 22, 2012

False Eyelashes

For a great evening look false eyelashes make such a major difference. The effect they give to the eyes is incredible. They frame the eyes and bring out their beauty. I love the feel of long, luxurious and full eye lashes. One of my favorite sites is the false eyelash site. You can find and purchase exactly what you are looking for her plus do comparison shipping. Also, check out the blog

It is quite easy to choose a category and find the exact lashes you are looking for. You just click on the category and the selections are available for purchase (See Below)

There is also an awesome comparison chart.
So I know that many of you girls have a hard time putting on false lashes. it just takes practice and doing it more frequently. Practice makes perfect. So here are some videos that might help. 

 Love Andrea Nicole Baker

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