Sunday, June 24, 2012

Frill - The Tea Luncheon

I'm going to blog, over the next few weeks, about all aspects of Frill. There is so much to tell. But a picture is worth 1000 words. So I'm going to write minimally and let the photos speak for themselves.
There were two events on Sunday (the 2nd day).The fabulous Tea Luncheon and a feedback session (more on that in another post). We had about 100 attendees at the Tea. The highlights were the yummy tea sandwiches, scones and sugary treats. The tea was from Lupicia, one of the Frill sponsorsEveryone was impressed at the quality of the Tea. Quite a few of the ladies have already made personal tea orders. I plan to do that also!

Andrea Nicole Baker

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Qi Lolita

I discovered "QI Lolita" quite by accident. Qi-Lolita fashion is a fusion of Japanese Lolita & Traditional Chinese fashion. It's rare, but it's one of the most beautiful lolita styles EVER. Qi Lolita is a similar style but uses Chinese clothing and accessories in place of Japanese. Usually this includes qipao and cheongsam-dresses modified to accommodate a petticoat. Accessories include platform-slippers for footwear and bun-covers as hair accessories.

 Qi Lolita is a style very similar to Wa Lolita but instead of being inspired by the Japanese traditional styles, it is influenced by Chinese traditional wear, culture and other things related to the styles and influences. Qi lolita generally consists of mutual shades within one design and does not essentially reflect the full -on modesty of many that you see which employs the usage of bloomers, long skirts and general ideals of lolita.

See the lovely "Shui Mo" Qi Lolita Wash Painting Rose Dress Set in 5 pieces from Fan+Friend. The five pieces are:
  • Inside JSK, made by cotton broadcloth in greyish blue, knee length, thick chiffon frilly bottom.
  • Outside dress, made by thick chiffon with wash painting rose print, stand collar with two Chinese buttons, short puffy sleeves, zipper back, frilly bottom, above knee length. 

  • Corset, made by brocade in white, shirring back 
  • White chiffon belt, could be fastened on waist 
  • Matched bowknot with Chinese knot, could be worn as hair dress/waist decoration

Andrea Nicole Baker

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why do men like High Heels?

I was out at the mall the other day and a sweet man complimented me on my high heels. Usually I just say "Thank You" and continue with my business. But I wanted to ask him about that. He then invited me to chat and have coffee together. 

The first thing that Bob said is that most men are attracted first to women's legs. Long, muscular, silky and sexy legs. So the eyes make their way from the hips down to a woman's legs and eventually her feet.  Heels lengthens the leg, makes the calves slender, increases the definition of the calf muscle, and increases the apparent height of the woman.  They also make the foot appear slender and graceful since it tapers in the front. 

As we were chatting he also mentioned a few other reasons.

  • Heels make women appear to have longer legs.
  • They make the woman more vulnerable, since it's difficult to escape quickly and easily in heels.
  • They force a woman to take smaller strides, enhancing the swaying motion of her derriere.
  • Many men find ladies shoes colorful, fancy, and stimulating. LOL. He admitted to a shoe fetish.
  • Because it alters your posture and makes all your assets stick out. You kind of have to shift your weight to walk in pumps, and as a result, your butt and breasts stick out more. Guys notice that!

While we were chatting I noticed that most of the time he was staring at my legs and heels. Occasionally he did make eye contact. I think only to be polite. He was very charming though.

Here are a few photos of some of my favorite heels and pumps!

Love Andrea Nicole Baker

Monday, June 11, 2012

Frill - First Thoughts

It is hard to find the words to express how I feel now that I am home from Frill. This weekend was two of the happiest days of my life. My fellow Directors worked so hard to make this a success. They are amazing women. It truly was a labor of love. To see the attendees smiling and having a great time was so wonderful. Many ladies came up to me and told me that this was the most awesome and incredible event they have ever attended. I nearly lost it at that point. Thanks to all who contributed, volunteered and shared in all the fun. Much more to come.

I'm staring at this photo below and I realize that I'm just glowing. If there is a happiness scale then I'm totally off the chart. I feel like a beautiful butterfly who has finally realized her dream.

The three ladies who won the raffle. Of course they love me. I pulled out their numbers.

 Shopping - A posed shot. I had NO time for shopping


Love Andrea Nicole Baker