Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Qi Lolita

I discovered "QI Lolita" quite by accident. Qi-Lolita fashion is a fusion of Japanese Lolita & Traditional Chinese fashion. It's rare, but it's one of the most beautiful lolita styles EVER. Qi Lolita is a similar style but uses Chinese clothing and accessories in place of Japanese. Usually this includes qipao and cheongsam-dresses modified to accommodate a petticoat. Accessories include platform-slippers for footwear and bun-covers as hair accessories.

 Qi Lolita is a style very similar to Wa Lolita but instead of being inspired by the Japanese traditional styles, it is influenced by Chinese traditional wear, culture and other things related to the styles and influences. Qi lolita generally consists of mutual shades within one design and does not essentially reflect the full -on modesty of many that you see which employs the usage of bloomers, long skirts and general ideals of lolita.

See the lovely "Shui Mo" Qi Lolita Wash Painting Rose Dress Set in 5 pieces from Fan+Friend. The five pieces are:
  • Inside JSK, made by cotton broadcloth in greyish blue, knee length, thick chiffon frilly bottom.
  • Outside dress, made by thick chiffon with wash painting rose print, stand collar with two Chinese buttons, short puffy sleeves, zipper back, frilly bottom, above knee length. 

  • Corset, made by brocade in white, shirring back 
  • White chiffon belt, could be fastened on waist 
  • Matched bowknot with Chinese knot, could be worn as hair dress/waist decoration

Andrea Nicole Baker


Alexandriaweb said...

Qi Lolita is on my list of "things I really must get around to trying some day" :)

Andrea Nicole Baker said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm planning on ordering that dress. It is stunning!

P.J. Sparkle said...

We had a member in Qi Loli during the Cherry Blossom festival recently. He was lovely!

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