Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why do men like High Heels?

I was out at the mall the other day and a sweet man complimented me on my high heels. Usually I just say "Thank You" and continue with my business. But I wanted to ask him about that. He then invited me to chat and have coffee together. 

The first thing that Bob said is that most men are attracted first to women's legs. Long, muscular, silky and sexy legs. So the eyes make their way from the hips down to a woman's legs and eventually her feet.  Heels lengthens the leg, makes the calves slender, increases the definition of the calf muscle, and increases the apparent height of the woman.  They also make the foot appear slender and graceful since it tapers in the front. 

As we were chatting he also mentioned a few other reasons.

  • Heels make women appear to have longer legs.
  • They make the woman more vulnerable, since it's difficult to escape quickly and easily in heels.
  • They force a woman to take smaller strides, enhancing the swaying motion of her derriere.
  • Many men find ladies shoes colorful, fancy, and stimulating. LOL. He admitted to a shoe fetish.
  • Because it alters your posture and makes all your assets stick out. You kind of have to shift your weight to walk in pumps, and as a result, your butt and breasts stick out more. Guys notice that!

While we were chatting I noticed that most of the time he was staring at my legs and heels. Occasionally he did make eye contact. I think only to be polite. He was very charming though.

Here are a few photos of some of my favorite heels and pumps!

Love Andrea Nicole Baker


Anonymous said...

"They make the woman more vulnerable, since it's difficult to escape quickly and easily in heels."

That's creepy! :/

But it's a pretty interesting conversation you had with a total stranger. Lol. Def Some food for thought...

Andrea Nicole Baker said...

Thanks for the comment. As a woman I have made it second nature to always be careful where I park, also look carefully at my surrounding, keep my car keys in my hand until I am safely at my destination. Lots of little things like that.
I also think it very natural to feel a bit vulnerable when dressed to the nines in heels and the like. It might be a generalization but men love submissive women who wear heels, corsets, stockings, etc. All those very feminine aspects. So I laughed when he said that. I get his point. He wasn't exactly getting into aspects of BDSM. It was truly a lovely chat and we laughed more than anything.

DiminishWaltz said...

Hehe. I love the way heels make me look! Except I have no balance at all and well... I fall down. Some of us are born graceful, the rest of us waddle like ducks, I guess. ;)
Beautiful pictures!

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