Sunday, August 26, 2012

Barbie's Dress Up Doll House

"A collection of all things girly" - So is labelled this gorgeous blog! First of all, the blog is filled with girly content from fashions to makeup and everything else a girl could desire. What's even more fun is the different interfaces which enables the ability to navigate the content in a variety of way. For example:

  • Classic:  The traditional blog view. LIFO - Last In First out. Acroll thru the blog posts.
  • FlipCard - Each blog post is a card that can be clicked on and the expanded to the complete post
  • Magazine: A view of the blog posts in chronological order.  Flip thru like a fashion magazine.
  • Mosaic - Like  a puzzle. Click on any piece and see the blog detail. Really gorgeous page.
  • Sidebar - Click thru the sidebar which lists all the blog posts
  • SnapShot - Each blog post looks like a photo snapshot. Click on one to see detail.
  • TimeSlide - A chronological order of the blog posts. Similar to magazine but organized differently.

I've decided to follow this blog!
The categories are fun to browse thru and then scroll down thru truly gorgeous photos.

  • Rockin Red Dress
  • Just Can't wait
  • Sexy Makeup Looks to Try
  • More Lace Dresses to Die For
  • Hot Party Dresses
  • New Bikini

Andrea Nicole Baker

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