Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday in Savannah

What a fabulous Saturday. Tasty Tea luncheon at the Savannah Tea Room and then a couple hours of walking around Savannah with three lovely, intelligent and sweet Savannah Lolitas. Does it get any better than this?  The photo below was taken at the Savannah Tea Room.

We indulged in the afternoon Tea Service. I ordered the veggie quiche. It came with a bowl of the soup of the day and a green salad. It was so hot outside (90+ degrees) that I had my peach tea iced. So refreshing! After lunch we were served a small plate of cookies and assorted treats to enjoy. The food was tasty, fresh and enjoyable. Of course, the company and the conversation was wonderful also! The service was attentive and excellent.

After lunch we ventured out to do some shopping and browsing. Eventually we made our way to City Market. Reminded me of the two 100+ days I spent in Philadelphia with the Frilladelphia Lolitas!

Im looking forward to going back in the fall. (especially in the cooler weather). We must go back to the Tea Room and indulge again!

Andrea Nicole Baker

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