Sunday, August 5, 2012

The fantasy Art of Nikki Burnette

I was in downtown Lawrenceville, Ga on Saturday afternoon to see a play at the Aurora Theatre. As I was walking to the theatre I saw this cute shop called "Sparkle" across the street. So the question is "Why did Andrea cross the street?" Of course - to see all the pretty things in the shop.

As I was browsing the jewelry and other cute girly things I came across the most beautiful Fairy Art.
The lovely sales lady explained to me all about the gorgeous Fantasy Art of Nikki Burnette. I purchased a few lovely postcards because I just did not have time to browse and make any other purchases. This is a link to her ETSY shop. All of her art is beautiful. She has such a creative flair and I love her use of color.My favorites are her fairies. Such as this example. So now I'm browsing her ETSY shop and agonizing about what to purchase.
Andrea Nicole Baker

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