Monday, August 13, 2012

Tresor Midnite Rose

My new Fragrance is Tresor Midnite Rose. I've been wearing it now for about a month. The best endorsement I can give is to tell you all that I have been asked, about 15 times or more, about the fragrance I am wearing. Something to the affect of "What is that gorgeous and rosy scent you are wearing?"

 I love the packaging with the purple rose on top. The bottle itself is pretty and fits perfectly in my hand. The scent seems to last a long time. Especially since I get compliments on it long after I have sprayed some on. It smells rosy and sweet with a bit of a fruit fragrancy.

It feels glamorous to me whether I am going out for the evening or just for day wear. Though I must admit that it is such a perfect scent to wear with a sexy cocktail dress and heels.

It smells sultry, sophisticated, a tad naughty In the nicest way. Exquisitely feminine and sexy, but ladylike. This is now one of my favorite fragrances! Here is a full review.

You will love the advertisement.

Andrea Nicole Baker

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