Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's your Character, Stupid

Remember the great campaign line from Bill Clinton in 1992 "It's the economy, stupid"? In the final judgment Americans vote, not on the fine details of the specific policies offered by the candidates but on character. Is the candidate a person with the right values that you can trust to do what is the moral and right thing for America. I've been thinking about that for more than a month. Each week brings more and more concrete examples why Romney does not have the character, integrity or aptitude to be President of the United States.

Mitt Romney is the combination of the following three character types:

JR Ewing  (from Dallas)  - When asked how he lives with himself he replied "When you give you integrity, the rest is easy"

Gordon Gekko (from Wall Street) -  "Greed is Good".  Which is his only real value. Ditto for Mitt Romney.  It's all about him and his money and his feeling of entitlement as a rich guy. Nothing else matters.

Eddie Haskell  (from Leave It To Beaver) - the prototype of an insincere sycophant.  "A servile self-seeker who lacks true sincerity". Attempts to win favor by flattering people.  Someone who will say anything to win favor.  Romney will take any and both sides of any issue to get elected. A true empty suit.

Andrea Nicole Baker


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