Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lolita things of note and Blogs

Some interesting Lolita things and blogs I have run across in the past few months.

Cute Lolita Girls -  Fun Tumblr site with lots of pretty photos. I met the author at AWA. If you scroll thru the photos eventually you will see some of me.

Loli Library - I always assumed (that word!) that everyone knew about Loli Library. The brand list (and details) alone make this a great reference site.

AWA Photo Booth - Was so much fun to go back every day and get some personal photos taken. Really gives you an idea of what you see at AWA. Keep scrolling thru the pics and you'll find me.

Lolita Blog Carnival - This is really great! There is a group of experienced Lolita Bloggers who decide on a topic, set a date and then they all blog post about that topic by date, linking to all the other posts on the same topic.  The latest post topic is "Three Print Themes I'm Dreaming of". Here are some links. Enjoy!

Parfait Doll
Good Morning Lovely
Sweet Lolita Doll
Darkly Darling
Pop Princess
La Petite Princesse
Commercially Alternative
A Lace Jail
A Life in Disguise
Secret Window
Rainbow Star Candy
Dix Macabre Sewing Chronicle
Candy-Coated Life
Carnival Salte
Toothless Tigers
Her Lumpiness
Fashion FairyTales and Sewing Secrets
Ramble Rori

Andrea Nicole Baker

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