Friday, April 26, 2013

Magnetique - for fashionistas

Have you ever spent hour after frustrating hour trying to locate a cute skirt, dress, pair of shoes, lipstick, etc that you saw in a fashion magazine? Well, I have. It's not fun. So I usually google search for about 10 minutes and then give up the search.  But now, there is a new app called "Magnetique" that solves the problem.  The App is available for the iphone and also on google play.

For now it only works on INSTYLE magazine. But other fashion magazines will be coming soon.
It's very simple.

  • Launch the App.
  • See It - Hold it over the page of Instyle (with the item you are interested in).
  • TAP It!
  • Find It! -  It lists the retail stores nearby that carry the item and online options also.

This is the living end for fashionistas. Not only can this app figure out where to get the things you love from a picture, but it gives you a break down of pricing! Can't wait until it works with my other favorite fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Bazaar and many more!

Andrea Nicole Baker

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