Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fashion and the Disney Princesses

I am passionate and fascinated about history I find it enjoyable when the two (History and Fashion) come together. Especially my interest in historical trends in fashion!

The Fashion Historian is one of my favorite bloggers! Imagine my delight when she posted about  exploring the decades with the Disney Princess starting with Snow White.

Loving the 1937 movie of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves I always wondered how her appearance reflect the aesthetics of the time period. As you can see, in the log post, she fits right in with the fashion illustrations of the period.  Notice her long and sleek silhouette.

Hope she blogs about ALL the Disney princesses!

Andrea Nicole Baker

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta

I fell in love with Amy Adams' gorgeous gown at this year's Academy Awards ceremony. What makes it even more interesting is that the dress was inspired by a black-and-white photograph that Amy took to the designer. Oscar de la Renta used it as a base to create her dramatic beaded and tulle-embellished gown. To quote the professional description of her appearance

"The powdery blue colour of this confection could have faded into the background, but not with its extravagant design that featured fluffy layers of feathery tulle that trailed several feet behind her. 
Her train nearly needed its own entourage to maneuver down the red carpet line.
Amy didn’t go too far with her accessories. With the sweetheart bodice, she skipped a necklace and wore a pair of simple diamond drop earrings and a braided rope bracelet.
Her auburn locks were pulled into a twisted updo, while a petal-pink lip played into the extreme softness of this look."

Andrea Nicole Baker

Pullip Misako Aoki Favorite Ribbon

I was surprised to see the announcement that January 2014 will be a triple collaboration between Groove, BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, and the well known Lolita fashion model & Ambassador of Kawaii, Misako Aoki. I had the pleasure of meeting Misako-Chan at last years Anime Weekend Atlanta formal Lolita Tea (See photo below). There is also an additional nurse outfit (Aside from modeling, Aoki Misako is also a registered nurse). Misako is adorable both in person and as a Pullip! Can't wait to add this to my collection!

Check out this cute video!

Misako Aoki tours the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Store.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lolitas at Walt Disney World!

I have been eagerly awaiting my mid-October vacation with my NY Lolita girlfriends for more than six months.  What always happens, before you are aware of it, is that the anticipation grows and grows until the magical day arrives. That day was Saturday, Oct 19th. I left early in the morning and drove the 7 hours to WDW.  Arrived about 3 PM and waited for my girlfriends to arrive in the evening.

Instead of describing what we did every day I will tell you all about the highlights of the trip. We spent 6 full days together. Four of them were at the Disney parks. One day at Hollywood Studios, 2 days at the Magic Kingdom and one at Epcot. Another was a "break day" where we visited some of the resorts and enjoyed Downtown Disney in the evening. Finally one day at Universal Studios.

My personal goal was to dress Lolita (sweet, gothic and classic) the entire trip. I was a bit nervous because of some things I had heard and read about Disney guests dressing and appearing like the Disney characters were concerning. One of the things I did was wear cute Minnie Mouse ears at times. But not all the time. I can definitely say that I accomplished my goal with lots of compliments from many, many other guests on my outfits.

I should also add that the Disney staff and characters were absolutely wonderful to us. I'll add some personal comments at the end. Now it's time to share photos and the magical moments.

Here I am on Sunday morning, Oct 20th, getting ready to take the bus to Hollywood Studios. See the cute Minnie ears instead of a traditional headbow. We all stayed at the Disney Pop Century Resort. It is listed as a "value" resort.  Rooms were comfortable and clean. We did not use the resort for much other than sleeping and having a bite for breakfast. 
Here we are showing off our creative abilities after a class in animation drawing. Well, at least, my drawing looks somewhat similar to Donald Duck! (maybe)

Lauren, Crystal, Dalin and Andrea. You'll see us together again (and again and again). Note we're all dressed to the nines for our very special lunch on Monday at Cinderella's castle at the Royal Table.