Monday, November 18, 2013

Lolitas at Walt Disney World!

I have been eagerly awaiting my mid-October vacation with my NY Lolita girlfriends for more than six months.  What always happens, before you are aware of it, is that the anticipation grows and grows until the magical day arrives. That day was Saturday, Oct 19th. I left early in the morning and drove the 7 hours to WDW.  Arrived about 3 PM and waited for my girlfriends to arrive in the evening.

Instead of describing what we did every day I will tell you all about the highlights of the trip. We spent 6 full days together. Four of them were at the Disney parks. One day at Hollywood Studios, 2 days at the Magic Kingdom and one at Epcot. Another was a "break day" where we visited some of the resorts and enjoyed Downtown Disney in the evening. Finally one day at Universal Studios.

My personal goal was to dress Lolita (sweet, gothic and classic) the entire trip. I was a bit nervous because of some things I had heard and read about Disney guests dressing and appearing like the Disney characters were concerning. One of the things I did was wear cute Minnie Mouse ears at times. But not all the time. I can definitely say that I accomplished my goal with lots of compliments from many, many other guests on my outfits.

I should also add that the Disney staff and characters were absolutely wonderful to us. I'll add some personal comments at the end. Now it's time to share photos and the magical moments.

Here I am on Sunday morning, Oct 20th, getting ready to take the bus to Hollywood Studios. See the cute Minnie ears instead of a traditional headbow. We all stayed at the Disney Pop Century Resort. It is listed as a "value" resort.  Rooms were comfortable and clean. We did not use the resort for much other than sleeping and having a bite for breakfast. 
Here we are showing off our creative abilities after a class in animation drawing. Well, at least, my drawing looks somewhat similar to Donald Duck! (maybe)

Lauren, Crystal, Dalin and Andrea. You'll see us together again (and again and again). Note we're all dressed to the nines for our very special lunch on Monday at Cinderella's castle at the Royal Table.

In Sweet Lolita - At The Magic Kingdom on our 2nd day of the Disney adventure. 
One of the highlights of our trip was lunch at the Royal Table lunch with the Disney Princesses. We took a group picture with Cinderella. She was so sweet. I showed her that I was wearing my Cinderella necklace and earrings! 
This is the lunch menu. The food was fabulous. We also had a chance to meet and take pictures with four other Disney Princesses! 
You all know who this is! We chatted a bit about the 7 dwarves! 
"The Clock Strikes 12" - White and dark chocolate in a tribute to the moment when Cinderella loses her slipper. 
The lunch was so well worth it for the food and the experience. This is where I started to feel the magic and just be that sweet little girl who is dazzled by all the amazing things around her.

Break Day!
Tuesday was our "break day". Dalin, Lauren and I had lunch at the Grand Floridian. See the dessert sampler above.  We did a bit of resort hopping and then spent the evening at Downtown Disney. Shopping at the world's largest Disney Store and dinner at a mexican restaurant. Did I mention the first 3 days had temperatures in the high 80s? Finally cooled off after that. 

Here we are at the Polynesian Resort. Would love to stay there!

A little something personal to remember the trip by. Drawn by a Disney artist.

Thursday we were back in the Magic Kingdom. All dressed and ready for "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party". (I even got asked for my autograph by a cute little girl).

The evening started with the Disney villains singing and performing at Cinderellas Castle. Followed by the most amazing parade of villains. Then an incredible sound-and-light show at the castle and the fireworks. Then we went off to search for the villains and take personal photos. Some trick-or-treating followed by going to the haunted house! Sleep? Who needs sleep?

Our last day at WDW was spent at EPCOT. With only a few hours of sleep we had to get all gorgeous for the Disney Princess Breakfast at Norway! Soooo cute and adorable.

(We also took a picture with Belle. Will add that later)

Some lovely photos on our last day - at EPCOT

The big finish - Illuminations at Epcot.

So many wonderful memories. A magical time spent with sweet and fabulous girlfriends!

Andrea Nicole Baker

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