Monday, December 14, 2015

The Music of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton

Thanksgiving weekend I went to see the Atlanta Symphony Pops perform the music of Danny Elfman from all the great Tim Burton movies. This video is an great example of the concert.
Plus the 501st Legion had over 25 characters in attendance before the concert and during the show. The 501st Legion is an international Star Wars costuming organization with over 7,500 members dedicated to constructing Stormtroopers, Sith Lords, and other 'bad guys' from the Star Wars universe. 

Andrea Nicole Baker

Haenuli's Moon Jelly Princess at Disney World

Through the magic of Disney Photographers here are some amazing photos in my new coord!

At the Magic Kingdom

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Disney Photo Studio and BTSSB

There is a wonderful Disney photo studio in the Disney Springs Marketplace area. It's actually the customer service building where, among other things, guests can purchase memory maker and their photo pass photos. It is also used for the the Biddidi Bobbidi Boutique where the little girls go to get their photos taken after their makeovers into princesses!

So when I get to Disney Springs it is always a MUST to go there and have a coordinate photo shoot. The photographers are always so welcoming and enjoy doing lots of photos and poses.  So here is a set of my BTSSB Halloween JSK (and matching parasol) taken Dec 3, 2015.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Adventures with Pluto at the Magic Kingdom

So I'm standing by the Christmas Tree, in the Main Street Square of the Magic Kingdom at WDW, waiting for the photographers to change over and have my photo taken. Pluto comes by. I take the moment to give him a big hug and tell him that I love him.

After my picture is taken, Pluto's handler comes over and tells me that Pluto wants to see me. OMG! So I go stand in his line. He's flirting with me between photos of guests. Then I finally get to the front of the line and he makes a bug fuss over me. When we finish taking photos he takes me by the hand and "kidnaps" me. He takes me up the stairs to where the main street train station is.  We go up to the top and wave to everyone who has been watching us.

We take lots more photos. Hugs all around. What a magical experience. Love that dog!   Here are the photos taken by the Disney photographer and how this all plays out.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Lolitas sure use a lot of acronyms! Truth! Last weekend was a trip to Orlando for International Lolita Day (ILD) at the Dream Fantasy Theater con and also the opportunity to have some fun a Walt Disney World.

I arrived at WDW on Thursday evening and checked into my room at the Pop Century resort. It's a budget resort that I have stayed at many times. Good prices, convenient and fun. A perfect place for one or two people in a room.  Went to Disney Springs for an evening of shopping, browsing and dinner.  The changes to the old "Downtown Disney" are amazing.

Friday was Hollywood Studios day. I'll post a separate piece with lots more photos. But here is one of my favorites. Me and Santa Goofy,

Saturday was a Full day at Dream Fantasy Theatre. There were about 60-70 Lolitas in attendance. It was held at the Castle Hotel Orlando. A beautiful location. The highlight of the day were the two fashion shows. The Indie Designer and the brand fashion shows.  Enjoy the Video.
The boutique was filled with lots of interesting things from dresses to accessories.  Yes, I purchased a few blouses and jewelry and ordered a new dress.

Sunday was the formal Tea.  Another great Video. The food and company were awesome. I even won a raffle prize of a BTSSB mini-handbag.

I was happy to support DFT when (18 months ago) they announced the event. I bought a VIP ticket. It;s so important to support local (in this case Southeast US) events. It;s more than just a casual meeting up for a few hours. It's  wonderful opportunity to socialize and also meet and make new friends. To me that is well worth the price of admission. Hope it is held again next year.

Monday was a fun day at the Magic Kingdom. A girl can't have enough magical days there. Especially a magical Lolita princess. I had an amazing adventure with Pluto. Here is one picture. I'll be blogging the entire adventure soon,

Andrea Nicole Baker

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Anna and Elsa Cosplay

As all my friends know I love Frozen! So I collaborated with my favor dress designer and came up with a special variation of a dress that celebrates my love of Frozen, the movie AND my favorite women Anna and Elsa.

The idea was to have a cute bodice with big images of Anna and Elsa. Then the skirt would be some sort of Frozen fabric that celebrated the love of two sisters. When I went online to find the fabric there was NO lack of options. OMG! I should have known that.

These two photos are from AWA in September 2015. The two ladies who are Anna and Elsa are such so perfect!

These are from my November visit to Princess FairyTale Hall to see Anna and Elsa. Let's just say that I got such an amazed look from each of them. Priceless.  Not to mention all the photos I was asked to pose for during the day at the Magic Kingdom.

Some assorted photos around the Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party (WDW - Magic Kingdom)

The Sunday before Halloween I attended MNNSHP for the 3rd year in a row at WDW.  The park closes for the party which is a separate admission. But each year I have spent the entire day at the Magic Kingdom and then attended MNNSHP at night.

This is a pretty extensive guide which outlines all the events and activities. After 3 years I have developed a good idea of the things I like, the logistics in a very crowded park, and the things I avoid.

Purchasing tickets months in advance is a MUST because dates are limited and they tend to sell out fast. The party started this year at 8 PM.

The important thing is to get a spot close to the castle for the villains show which starts at 8 PM and is performed 4 times during the evening.  We actually saw the first AND Second performance as planned. We were able to get even closer for the second show.

After that come the Boo-To-You-Parade which makes its way around the Magic Kingdom. No need to move from the spot near the Castle. Perfect viewing location

At 10 PM is Hallo-Wishes which is a 15 minute sound and light show on the castle. Have seen this a few times before and love it each time. At 10:30 are the spectacular fireworks!  Then it's off to Trick-Or-treat and hit all 15+ stations. In between the stations there is time to go to Pirates and the Haunted House again (and all the other rides). As the evening wears on the crowds thin out as parents taken their young children home or back to the resorts. This year, like last, we left the park by 2 AM.

I like this review because of all the great pictures and captions. This is a pretty good video review.

I had a great time with fabulous girlfriends. The villains show was terrific. Especially since we saw it twice. Loved Hallo-wishes and the Fireworks show. Trick-or-Treating was so much fun! Didnl' take much opportunity to take pictures with characters this year. Maybe next.

I also made sure i took advantage of the Disney Photographer's Photo Pass Service and purchased Memory Maker later. The magical shots are well worth it. See the first one as we exited from the Haunted House.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Formal Tea at the Milwaukee Pfister

In mid-November I  had the pleasure of  spending an afternoon with wonderful friends at the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee for a formal tea.  The Tea service was located on the 27th floor at Blu.

I loved that the Tea Butler took the time to speak about the varieties of Tea and then let us indulge in the aroma of each one. Very impressive.  We chose the Victorian Tea from the menu which consisted of the following:

  • Butler Passed French St. Andre Mousse Cones with Fresh Honeycomb Delicate Cucumber Sandwich, Dill Chantilly
  • Curried Quail Eggs, Chive
  • Herb Roasted Turkey Pinwheels with Red Onion Marmalade Crab Louis Salad, Sweet Gherkins
  • Scottish Smoked Salmon, Savory Crepes, Herb Neufchatel Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
  • Freshly Baked Scones,
  • Mascarpone, Lemon Curd & Strawberry Preserves
  • Petit fors
  • French Macaroons and Madeleines
The food was exquisite and the service was outstanding. The ambience was very relaxing with a beautiful view (on a lovely sunny day) of downtown Milwaukee.  Note the silver tea service.

I was wearing Haenuli's Juliet OP.  As usual lots of compliments and questions about the fashion.
Looking forward to next year's trip and doing this all over again!

Andrea Nicole Baker

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ten Chimneys visit

A week ago (Nov 14) I finally took the opportunity. during my Milwaukee visit, to do a tour of Ten Chimneys.   Ten Chimneys is the home of Broadway actors Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt. Ten Chimneys is located in Genesee Depot, Town of Genesee, in Waukesha County, WisconsinUnited States.[3]

Being a theater fan and historian I have know about the Lunts for years. Even been to the Lunt-Fontanne Theater in New York. I remember going there to see "The Little Mermaid" many years ago.

The full Estate tour was amazing.It includes the three-story main house, the rustic studio, the cottage, gardens and the exteriors of the poorhouse, greenhouse and creamery.  The main house was the highlight.  I could really feel their presence as we visited each room. Loved the dining room, the Helen Hayes and Noel Coward rooms. An amazing historical experience. Hoping to go back for a visit next spring.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Friday, November 20, 2015

Ruffle-Con 2015

Frankly, there are no words to express how wonderful Ruffle-con 2015 was this year. The Sheraton-Stamford hotel, panels. guests, organization, entertainment, etc were awesome. But that's just the foundation. What makes Ruffle-Con so special is the magical atmosphere and ambience that brings all of us together to celebrate our love for the fashion and our support and friendship for each other. It's even more magical than Disney. Truth. 
Renewing friendships with girlfriends is the best. Making new ones is so special. I am so blessed to have so many fabulous girlfriends. Priceless.  So here are some Photos and remembrances.
This is Thursday at Ruffle-con. I brought 4 coords. Haenuli, of course. Here I am in Planetary Dreamer at the Macy's in Stamford, Ct which was only about 2 blocks from the Hotel. A little shopping and R&R before the con officially started in the evening. Here I am at the cosmetics counter, of course. 
My roommates finally arrived at about 1:30 AM on Friday from Orlando.  

Friday was "Angel of Music" day. Especially because of the Masquerade in the evening and finally getting a chance to meet Haenuli in person! I went to the Marketplace first thing in the morning and met her! So exciting. Then we went to her "Meet and Greet" panel.  There were probably at least 50+ Lolitas there. She was so gracious. Had so much fun chatting about her style and designs.

Meet and Greet with Haenuli

With KAIE and BABI, the duo behind the fashion brand Triple Fortune and members of the band Brilliant Kingdom. BABI is the director of Triple Fortune and a writer for the Gothic Lolita Bible. KAIE (pronounced as Kai-e) is the designer for Triple Fortune.  Oh, yes. A Kabe-don Moment. 
(I met them at Ruffle-con 2014. Was so excited to see them again)

With Koko-Kim after her Meet and greet panel. Adorable. She was so much fun to chat with! Quite a cute line of Kawaii clothes and accessories also! 

One of the things we planned was to do a group picture of Haenuli's "Angel of Music". It was even better that Haenuli, herself, joined us for the photo!

Another "twinning" Moment