Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ten Chimneys visit

A week ago (Nov 14) I finally took the opportunity. during my Milwaukee visit, to do a tour of Ten Chimneys.   Ten Chimneys is the home of Broadway actors Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt. Ten Chimneys is located in Genesee Depot, Town of Genesee, in Waukesha County, WisconsinUnited States.[3]

Being a theater fan and historian I have know about the Lunts for years. Even been to the Lunt-Fontanne Theater in New York. I remember going there to see "The Little Mermaid" many years ago.

The full Estate tour was amazing.It includes the three-story main house, the rustic studio, the cottage, gardens and the exteriors of the poorhouse, greenhouse and creamery.  The main house was the highlight.  I could really feel their presence as we visited each room. Loved the dining room, the Helen Hayes and Noel Coward rooms. An amazing historical experience. Hoping to go back for a visit next spring.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Friday, November 20, 2015

Ruffle-Con 2015

Frankly, there are no words to express how wonderful Ruffle-con 2015 was this year. The Sheraton-Stamford hotel, panels. guests, organization, entertainment, etc were awesome. But that's just the foundation. What makes Ruffle-Con so special is the magical atmosphere and ambience that brings all of us together to celebrate our love for the fashion and our support and friendship for each other. It's even more magical than Disney. Truth. 
Renewing friendships with girlfriends is the best. Making new ones is so special. I am so blessed to have so many fabulous girlfriends. Priceless.  So here are some Photos and remembrances.
This is Thursday at Ruffle-con. I brought 4 coords. Haenuli, of course. Here I am in Planetary Dreamer at the Macy's in Stamford, Ct which was only about 2 blocks from the Hotel. A little shopping and R&R before the con officially started in the evening. Here I am at the cosmetics counter, of course. 
My roommates finally arrived at about 1:30 AM on Friday from Orlando.  

Friday was "Angel of Music" day. Especially because of the Masquerade in the evening and finally getting a chance to meet Haenuli in person! I went to the Marketplace first thing in the morning and met her! So exciting. Then we went to her "Meet and Greet" panel.  There were probably at least 50+ Lolitas there. She was so gracious. Had so much fun chatting about her style and designs.

Meet and Greet with Haenuli

With KAIE and BABI, the duo behind the fashion brand Triple Fortune and members of the band Brilliant Kingdom. BABI is the director of Triple Fortune and a writer for the Gothic Lolita Bible. KAIE (pronounced as Kai-e) is the designer for Triple Fortune.  Oh, yes. A Kabe-don Moment. 
(I met them at Ruffle-con 2014. Was so excited to see them again)

With Koko-Kim after her Meet and greet panel. Adorable. She was so much fun to chat with! Quite a cute line of Kawaii clothes and accessories also! 

One of the things we planned was to do a group picture of Haenuli's "Angel of Music". It was even better that Haenuli, herself, joined us for the photo!

Another "twinning" Moment