Friday, November 20, 2015

Ruffle-Con 2015

Frankly, there are no words to express how wonderful Ruffle-con 2015 was this year. The Sheraton-Stamford hotel, panels. guests, organization, entertainment, etc were awesome. But that's just the foundation. What makes Ruffle-Con so special is the magical atmosphere and ambience that brings all of us together to celebrate our love for the fashion and our support and friendship for each other. It's even more magical than Disney. Truth. 
Renewing friendships with girlfriends is the best. Making new ones is so special. I am so blessed to have so many fabulous girlfriends. Priceless.  So here are some Photos and remembrances.
This is Thursday at Ruffle-con. I brought 4 coords. Haenuli, of course. Here I am in Planetary Dreamer at the Macy's in Stamford, Ct which was only about 2 blocks from the Hotel. A little shopping and R&R before the con officially started in the evening. Here I am at the cosmetics counter, of course. 
My roommates finally arrived at about 1:30 AM on Friday from Orlando.  

Friday was "Angel of Music" day. Especially because of the Masquerade in the evening and finally getting a chance to meet Haenuli in person! I went to the Marketplace first thing in the morning and met her! So exciting. Then we went to her "Meet and Greet" panel.  There were probably at least 50+ Lolitas there. She was so gracious. Had so much fun chatting about her style and designs.

Meet and Greet with Haenuli

With KAIE and BABI, the duo behind the fashion brand Triple Fortune and members of the band Brilliant Kingdom. BABI is the director of Triple Fortune and a writer for the Gothic Lolita Bible. KAIE (pronounced as Kai-e) is the designer for Triple Fortune.  Oh, yes. A Kabe-don Moment. 
(I met them at Ruffle-con 2014. Was so excited to see them again)

With Koko-Kim after her Meet and greet panel. Adorable. She was so much fun to chat with! Quite a cute line of Kawaii clothes and accessories also! 

One of the things we planned was to do a group picture of Haenuli's "Angel of Music". It was even better that Haenuli, herself, joined us for the photo!

Another "twinning" Moment

Saturday's highlight was The Fashion Show. Nearly 2 and a half hours of amazing Alternative Fashions. I wore Royal Crown all day.
Here are the photos from Ruffle-con 2015 along with the Albums of the Fashion Show. Can't wait to see the video of the Fashion Show. 

I also attended many panels, games and lots of socializing. Plus shopping in the Market Place. It's all a blur. But sooo much fun!

Sunday was time for the formal Tea and wearing Haenuli's Juliet.
"As they Sew in France" Not only did a fashion Exhibit of Victorian Fashions but they also were in the Fashion Show. I learned on Saturday that they are from Atlanta.

Our Table at the Formal Tea

A partial Group Picture - There were nearly 700 attendees at RC 2015

My couple of days in New York City after Ruffle-con was just an extension of Ruffle-con. Especially Monday, Oct 5th. I was checking into my Hotel in midtown when Haenuli texted me and confirmed that she also would be attending the performance of Phantom of the Opera that evening at the Majestic Theater. I had purchased a ticket months ago because I wanted to wear "Angel of Music" to Phantom even though I have seen phantom maybe 8 times (in 8 different cities, more or less).
A pre-dinner photo as I was waiting at the Theater about 5 PM On Monday

Dinner at Carmine's (across from the Majestic Theater) before the show. Note the amazing food!

Haenuli and I at intermission. The performance was amazing. Of course, got lots of compliments and questions about my coord (In the presence of the designer!)
Times Square

Tuesday, October 6th - My Birthday  (second year in a row celebrating in New York City. Probably need to make a habit of this.).  I had a fun tome sightseeing and shopping. In the evening Dalin and I met for  dinner at "Don't Tell Mama" and they we went to see "Fun Home" which won the Tony for best Musical  in 2015.  Tuesday was couture day, 

Always love to get to Ellen's Stardust Diner for breakfast. Love the servers singing the best of Broadway tunes.

My outfit for the morning and afternoon -Josephine floral print skirt by Erin Fetherston (photo taken at Trump Tower. No he was not there).

Having a fun morning shopping on Madison Avenue. This outfit is a keeper especially when paired with the silk scarf.

 A quick photo at "Don't Tell Mama" before going to see "Fun Home" at Theater in the Circle.

Wednesday, Oct 7th
Last day in New York and lots to do in just one day.
The only thing better than breakfast one day at Ellen's Stardust Diner is two days!

Always have to send my regards to George M. Cohan every time I visit NYC

Saw the show last year at the New Amsterdam Theater. Have to go see it again soon!

Absolutely Loved the Show. Gershwin. Need I say More? Reminded me of the movie. Only better!
 Dalin and I went to see Dames at Sea at the Helen Hayes Theatre. Loved the music and the Tap Dancing.

Andrea Nicole Baker

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