Sunday, December 13, 2015

Adventures with Pluto at the Magic Kingdom

So I'm standing by the Christmas Tree, in the Main Street Square of the Magic Kingdom at WDW, waiting for the photographers to change over and have my photo taken. Pluto comes by. I take the moment to give him a big hug and tell him that I love him.

After my picture is taken, Pluto's handler comes over and tells me that Pluto wants to see me. OMG! So I go stand in his line. He's flirting with me between photos of guests. Then I finally get to the front of the line and he makes a bug fuss over me. When we finish taking photos he takes me by the hand and "kidnaps" me. He takes me up the stairs to where the main street train station is.  We go up to the top and wave to everyone who has been watching us.

We take lots more photos. Hugs all around. What a magical experience. Love that dog!   Here are the photos taken by the Disney photographer and how this all plays out.

Andrea Nicole Baker

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