Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party (WDW - Magic Kingdom)

The Sunday before Halloween I attended MNNSHP for the 3rd year in a row at WDW.  The park closes for the party which is a separate admission. But each year I have spent the entire day at the Magic Kingdom and then attended MNNSHP at night.

This is a pretty extensive guide which outlines all the events and activities. After 3 years I have developed a good idea of the things I like, the logistics in a very crowded park, and the things I avoid.

Purchasing tickets months in advance is a MUST because dates are limited and they tend to sell out fast. The party started this year at 8 PM.

The important thing is to get a spot close to the castle for the villains show which starts at 8 PM and is performed 4 times during the evening.  We actually saw the first AND Second performance as planned. We were able to get even closer for the second show.

After that come the Boo-To-You-Parade which makes its way around the Magic Kingdom. No need to move from the spot near the Castle. Perfect viewing location

At 10 PM is Hallo-Wishes which is a 15 minute sound and light show on the castle. Have seen this a few times before and love it each time. At 10:30 are the spectacular fireworks!  Then it's off to Trick-Or-treat and hit all 15+ stations. In between the stations there is time to go to Pirates and the Haunted House again (and all the other rides). As the evening wears on the crowds thin out as parents taken their young children home or back to the resorts. This year, like last, we left the park by 2 AM.

I like this review because of all the great pictures and captions. This is a pretty good video review.

I had a great time with fabulous girlfriends. The villains show was terrific. Especially since we saw it twice. Loved Hallo-wishes and the Fireworks show. Trick-or-Treating was so much fun! Didnl' take much opportunity to take pictures with characters this year. Maybe next.

I also made sure i took advantage of the Disney Photographer's Photo Pass Service and purchased Memory Maker later. The magical shots are well worth it. See the first one as we exited from the Haunted House.

Andrea Nicole Baker

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